BY WHO POWER?: Pre-Season Program ($10.9/)

By Who Power?  Good question.  This is a Parquet Courts curated* mix-tape which explores the various sounds that influence the fledgling stages of the band.  Hopefully will be available in hard copy at shows.  But for now, here it is streaming in all its hissy glory.  You can download it too.  By Who Power?  Listen, and you shall hear..


  1. Blitz- “New Age
  2. Cheveu- “Herman Choune”
  3. Thanksgiving- “Where You Live”
  4. Ol’ Dirty Bastard- “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”
  5. Napalm Death- “You Suffer”
  6. Brian Eno- “Taking Tiger Mountain”
  7. Neil Young- “Harvest”
  8. The Fall- “Paint Work”
  9. Man Is the Bastard- excerpt from Reality #2 Comp (Slap-A-Ham)
  10. Faust- “It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl”
  11. Saccharine Trust- “A Human Certainty”
  12. Daft Punk- “Make Love”


  1. GG Allin- “Carmelita”
  2. Mike  Jones- “Got it Sewed Up” from “The Day Hell Broke Loose 2”
  3. Sonic Youth- “She’s In a Bad Mood”
  4. Dire Straits- “So Far Away”
  5. Bob Dylan- “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”
  6. Adolescents- “Kids of the Black Hole”
  7. Pavement- “Price Yeah”
  8. Butthole Surfers- “Creep in the Cellar”
  9. Country Teasers- “Panic Holiday”
  10. Beat Happening- “Nancy Sin”
  11. Guided By Voices- “Jabberstroker”
  12. Dead Kennedys- “Moon Over Marin
*in New York things are curated.  Just a fancy word for made/produced.  ex. I curated a sandwich in my kitchen today.


9 Responses to “BY WHO POWER?: Pre-Season Program ($10.9/)”

  1. Bradley Says:


  2. Who Are…Parquet Courts - Quick Download free stuff - Quick Download Says:

    […] Savage: It was fairly premeditated. One of the first things we did was release a mix tape of influences for the band — we had an idea of what we wanted to do. We all, for the most part, like a lot […]

  3. Parquet Courts announce tour, playing Kung Fu Necktie in January (download a free song) | The Key Says:

    […] The Fall, The Minutemen, Guided By Voices and Dire Straits. Check out a mix tape they made here for a closer listen to the band’s assortment of influences, but also be sure to dive into the […]

  4. public school whitey Says:

    this is the best. thanks.

  5. Interview: Parquet Courts | Consequence of Sound Says:

    […] did you want most out of this band? I was looking at the By Who Power? mixtape, and you had everything on there from ODB to Brian Eno to krautrock. Where do all of your […]

  6. UNCHARTED: Parquet Courts « Tony Rocha Says:

    […] together a mixtape — 24 tracks that you found influential to Parquet Courts — and you called it By Who Power? Where’d that idea come from? Why’d you think it was important to release this kinda groundwork […]

  7. irequirechocolate Says:

    can we just have this available for DL again???

  8. Demi Says:

    Hurrah, that’s what I was searching for, what a material! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this web page.

  9. Lizzie Buck Says:

    would you make us more mix tapes please andrew savage? this saved me from expressing a dangerous rage. cannot dj my way out of this feeling. omg am i right demi? sigh, callback to last post prob doesnt sound as funny in this medium on the receiving end, ok …p.s nice timing god

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