“American Specialties” CS available now from Night Moves

Parquet Courts is a band from New York City.  At the center of the group is A. Savage, who at this point is known for his collaborations with projects like Fergus & Geronimo, Teenage Cool Kids and Wiccans.  Savage is joined by three other musicians (“three quarters Texans and three quarters Pisces” he tells me) and describes the bands’ debut release as THE FALL meets NEIL YOUNG.  I would agree with this self-assessment, bizarre as it may seem, adding DEEP WOUND, GUIDED BY VOICES and “Bad Moon Rising/Evol” era SONIC YOUTH to the mix.  On the band’s debut release, “American Specialties”, this all makes sense. The quartet wonders through the American and British underground, picking away their favorite parts with confidence. The lyrics, when intelligible, are bizarre and dramatic. “She looked at me like a fry pan reducing,” moans Savage, from the same lustful subconscious built by the darker moments of psychedelia. Then at times, such as on the 70’s folkish “Square States”, thoughts are more sentimental and transparent. The setting for “American Specialties” ranges from a crusty Brooklyn bodega, to an endless Texas desert. If that sort of soundscape appeals to your wondering mind, then I’m sure you’ll stumble across Parquet Courts sooner or later.

Please send 6ppd to nightmovin@gmail.com if you feel so inclined


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  1. Interview: Parquet Courts | Consequence of Sound Says:

    […] brother, Max. Their brief recording history traces back to late 2011 with their debut cassette, American Specialties. Though, already they’ve grown a few inches as an outfit, having issued its proper […]

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