Light Up Gold’s 2nd pressing is now available. If you were lucky enough to get the first pressing note that it has gold labels, and the 2nd pressing has a lovely baby blue center label. Just a little collector scum info:

First Press: 500 (100 gold vinyl, 400 black)

Second Press: 2,000 (all black)

Anyway, you can get your grubby hands on it at any of these fine soundmongers:

Whats Your Rupture?
Dull Tools

Also, available digitally at eMusic or iTunes, if you are into that sort of thing.


8 Responses to “BUY “LIGHT UP GOLD””

  1. Spink Says:

    Raw and sore with my brain on the floor.

    Edgy, punky, short song brilliance, reminds me of the chipper feeling when I first heard Eddy Current Supression Ring from Australia not the same but different.

    More for Sure!!!

  2. Christophe Freund Says:

    You have made a cult album guys ! The most exciting record I have heard for many Years (The last one was Disorder-Joy Division) !

  3. Dmg Says:

    I just bought the last 1st pressing available at End of An Ear but the vinyl was cracked. Traded it in for the 2nd press, collector scum bum-out.

  4. Arthur Brown Says:

    Hey is it possible to get LP’s posted to the UK? I just discovered your band and absolutely love the sound of the LP. Must have….

  5. Parquet Courts will return with a show at PhilaMOCA on 5/4 | The Key Says:

    […] Wedding, Household and Amanda X.  The Brooklyn band self-released their full-length debut Light Up Gold last summer and the effort backed up the incredible amount of buzz around the band so well that it […]

  6. Danny Says:

    Could anyone help me, its a first press (black vinyl with gold label) but the vinyl has two B-Sides both sides say ‘B-Side’, no A Side?

  7. Parquet Courts Light Up Gold Review - Earbuddy Says:

    […] Light Up Gold begins with “Master Of My Craft” and sounds immediately like an early Strokes’ demo with a bit of Jim Carroll flare. Throughout the album, there hardly seems to be any evidence of the group’s Texan heritage, instead washed away with the pure sound of New York. The production here is a bit flat, but this serves the purpose of pushing the vocal up to the forefront and placing more focus on the hilarious lyric writing (Socrates died in the fucking gutter). […]

  8. dmggmd Says:

    just got one of the You Got Me Wonderin’ Now mix tapes in the mail. Collector scum bum-out averted.

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