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  1. Rob Says:

    What a debut album, looking forward to seeing you in the UK very soon. Make sure you vist Coventry hopefully at the Godiva festival in June.
    Good work


  2. Adam Richards Says:

    I am an old English fart living in this country for the last 23 years of my 47 years in this planet Happened to come across “Borrowed Time” on the Radio (sirius xmu) driving my kids to school. Blew me away. Thank you. Listen to the Gang of Four’s “where were you”. Or if you havent already done so anything off the Wedding Present’s “George Best”. You guys are a cross between the 2 and that makes me happy.


    P.s. do you guys have a record deal?

  3. surfillinois Says:

    Really enjoying your stuff so far…

  4. Trevor Bowles Says:

    Who do I contact for booking?? want to book you in San Antonio before SxSW ..

  5. rock Says:

    bring the video back! 😦

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