“We caught slacker punks Parquet Courts in London last night”

“the sort of bed-headed slackers you’d meet at a ‘90s college party”

“90s slacker-rock revivalists”

“’90s slacker heroes”

“The Strokes’ slacker younger brothers”

“prolific slacker band”

“post-punk work ethic with a slacker’s sense of humor ”

“Balanced delicately on the edge of a lo-fi slacker dynamic”

“Brooklyn slack-rockers ”

“winning take on slacker punk-rock”

“punk vigor and slacker looseness”

“may be the closest thing we’ve come to a slacker call-to-action”

“Brown and Savage might be slackers by trade”

“relentless tracks with wiseass lyrics befitting their slacker ethos”

“Parquet Courts still did not completely shed their slacker image”

“these boys are old-school slackers”


“slacker vibes ”

“clattering slacker vibe”

“slacker everyman delivery”

“For Parquet Courts, “slacker” isn’t just a lifestyle, it’s a full-blown worldview”

“expert pop craftsmanship and slacker-punk attitude”

“Alternating between slacker and punk impulses”

“faux-slacker art punk”

“our beloved Brooklyn slacker punks”

“Indie-slacker garage punk”

“a combination of poppy slacker rock frequently interrupted by sporadic punk riffs”

“Parquet Courts are a slacker punk band from NYC”

“effortless cool and slacker-culled lackadaisy”

“a slacker manifesto focused on a two chord vamp”

“meshing punk rock abandon and slacker panache in equal measure”

“rough-hewn new wave slacker sound”

“two-minute slacker-punk pellets”

“Slacker rock rules”

“slacker pop singles”

“slacker singalongs”

“like a string of slacker anthems”

“nouveau slacker anthem”

“The Brooklyn-based garage-rockers craft slacker anthems”

“slacker anthem in waiting N Dakota”

“They may have written a slacker anthem”

“Parquet Courts are stoners”

“New York slacker-rock four-piece Parquet Courts are probably too stoned to care”

“slacker stoner social commentary”

“typical laid-back NY-slacker manner”

“Parquet Courts establish their own slacker, protester, Americana sound”

“embody the disenchanted vibe of today’s slacker generation”

“upbeat slacker garage/punk”

“their stoned slacker demeanour doesn’t lead to laziness”

“Their slacker aesthetic is rough, edgy, and easily accessible”

“this slacker aesthetic belies the bands impressive musical and lyrical craft”

“Their aesthetic might be slacker”


15 Responses to “”

  1. GD Says:

    I hope you guys don’t take this as an insult…I know you’re from NY and all, but, I always thought of you guys as more minutemen-y – which is the highest praise I can think of…people are so disappointing with their lazy labels…ugh.

  2. rocklust Says:

    You guys rocked Melbourne!
    My pics of your show:
    @RockLust: @noise11tweets http://t.co/EYHGtuaxmb http://t.co/C6dwcnckaf http://t.co/FXr5pfIfx0
    http://t.co/gaaM9Lga5d http://t.co/Wnl3NKExfl
    And a small vid:

  3. the enlightening guy Says:

    such a shame that it takes too much hard work to remember all the quotes

  4. jonosborne15 Says:

    That’s pretty fucked up.

  5. Lizzie Buck Says:

  6. p1owz0r Says:

    I’d wear it like a badge. I listened to Crooked Rain too.

  7. jessecab Says:

    I don’t know which is my favorite … maybe “slackers by trade?” Oxymorons and lazy writing.

    This is hilarious.

  8. Pezz Alini Says:

    fucking slackers.

  9. Grantland Posts 3,844 Words on Parquet Courts; Only 3 of them are “Denton.” | FrontRow Says:

    […] his issues with epilepsy and his understandable disdain for being referred to as a slacker. The band even compiled all the times they were puzzlingly referred to as such in a recent blog post. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. When one considers that the band is still very […]

  10. Album review: ‘Sunbathing Animal’ by Parquet Courts | noise polluter Says:

    […] Courts is a band that’s hard to categorize. Widely and notoriously labeled as “slacker rock.” Parquet Courts have drawn comparison to artists ranging from Pavement to Neil Young. […]

  11. bill Says:

    how butthurt and vain are you guys to have read all of this horse shit about yourselves? Would you really expect anything less when your most popular song is called stoned and starving? I love the band and some of these made me laugh but I’m sure you could have found something better to do with your time.

  12. Parquet Courts – ‘Sunbathing Animal’ – Album Review | New Blooms Says:

    […] Courts have come into their own in the recent offering Sunbathing Animal (Rough Trade). Defying the slacker label (which they clearly find humorous in being tediously thrust upon them) with a marginally cleaner […]

  13. Best New Bands | Album Review: Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animals - Best New Bands Says:

    […] college party”) to paradoxical (“Brown and Savage might be slackers by trade”) and give a good idea of the narrative that surrounded the band when their sophomore album, Light Up Gold, topped several best-of lists […]

  14. Review: Sunbathing Animal by Parquet Courts | The Pompatus of Rock Says:

    […] “slacker” music. (Don’t believe me? Check this post from the band’s own WordPress.) Their warped sense of humor and Pavement worshiping might have something to do with that […]

  15. Park It Quartz? Playlist | Hardly Worth Explaining Says:

    […] high?!  Haha, dude, perfect!” – which can get pretty annoying and helped force this lazy narrative propagated by music writers who saw a couple of white guys playing guitars and instantly thought […]

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